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Copperhead Series™ Snake Hook - Cage Length

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The Balanced & Rugged Hook


reptile hook closeup
A machined ferrule reduces weight and improves the balance of the hook.

Available in both a cage-length and in a longer field-length, the Copperhead Series snake hooks are lightweight, strong, and designed to take abuse. The hook end is rugged and corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel. A unique solid copper ferrule reduces the weight of the front end and keeps the instrument extremely well-balanced. The shaft is chrome plated tempered steel for lightness and durability. A high quality textured rubber grip provides great control. Overall, it's an affordable hook made with the attention to detail that will make it a joy to use for years to come.


reptile hook closeup
Doc Seward sometime in a previous century with the first golf club hook he made. 

I made my first snake hook from an old golf club way back in the 1970's. I've carried that hook on many adventures in the field over the years and it’s been my go-to field hook for some 40 years—until now.

Recently, I've revisited the design with the goal of offering an affordable snake hook of the very highest quality. I wanted it to be both functional and beautiful. Perhaps more importantly, I wanted it to still be functional and beautiful after decades of hard use. Some quite popular snake hooks use aluminum for the hook. That keeps it more balanced by keeping the hook lighter at the front. However, aluminum is not very strong and it doesn’t age well. I didn’t want my hooks to look like they’d been dropped off the back of a pickup too many times after a few years of real use. Could I make it stainless steel and still keep it well balanced?

After experimenting with many approaches it became clear that I couldn’t limit the design to off-the-shelf components. So, I designed something completely new—a solid copper ferrule to attach the hook end to the shaft. Now the thickness of the stainless steel can be sized for the strength needed and not just sized to plug the hole in the end of the shaft. This one simple design innovation creates a snake hook unlike any other hook on the market.

The result is the Copperhead Series Snake Hook, the Balanced & Rugged Hook. The moment you hold one in your hand, you’ll see for yourself.


  • length: 33" (84 cm.)
  • weight: approximately 7.2 oz. (204 gm.)

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Rating: 5
This is by far the best quality hook I have ever used. Buying a good hook seems like it wouldn’t be that difficult until you are trying to rehouse a large female cantankerous Bitis Nasicornis with a Chinese made retractable that feels like it was made for aspiring herpetologist middle schools students to practice picking up a random Tantilla. There is no good reason to not buy this hook. After receiving my hook in the mail and using it a bit in the Desert last night, I can say that Dr. Seaward doesn’t charge close to what I think it’s worth. Even this 33” hook would have no problem with a heavy bodied Crotalus. This is the perfect design.
Tim Randall - 15-Aug-2019
Rating: 5
Definitely a five star product for me. Very strong and durable, very comfortable and balanced. Looking forward to using this a lot more in the years to come.
Liam Ellett - 21-Apr-2017
Rating: 5
I have the Pancho Gila Field Hook and I must say it is amazing! Very durable and lightweight. I love how the brass ferrule improves the strength of the shaft + hook where they attach, as that is where the shaft tends to crack on reptile hooks. Thanks again, Doc!
Whitney Hutchinson - 27-Jun-2014
Rating: 5
I am extremely impressed with the quality of these hooks. Mark has done a tremendous job with these and I am looking forward to taking them out in the field to use.
Jason Kane - 30-Apr-2014
Rating: 5
I have known Mark for about 20 years and he never ceases to amaze me with the innovative ideas he comes up with. I now own two of his hooks and they are absolutely the best on the market, period. In the next few weeks I will be putting the copperhead to task out in the field and am positive it will out perform my 40 years of hooks collecting. Lightweight but strong enough to endure anything I put to it. The construction is amazing, built like a tank. For the price, you cant find anything else on the market. like it.
don dobyns - 17-Apr-2014
Rating: 5
I was fortunate to get all three of the pancho line hooks and I must say im extremely pleased with these hooks. I can't wait to get this one out in the field, a little longer than most which makes me very happy! The extra reach not only helps in saftey from the mouth of the herp in the field but also helps save your back from constantly bending over. I cannot say enough about the balancing of these hooks, the buisness end is so light which makes maneuvering like a breeze! I guess you have to hold it in your hand to understand!
vic - 13-Apr-2014
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