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Pancho Gila™ Hook - Eucalyptus Burl

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Pancho Gila Hook - Artisan Series

Pancho Gila™ Artisan Hook

Wood Species

Imported from Australia, the eucalyptus burl in this handle has tight swirls of caramel and cream, highlighted with dark chocolate drizzles. The striking contrast in this piece makes an impressive statement. This is one of my favorites. The actual piece you’ll receive is shown in the close-up photo of the handle at the top of this page.


Pancho Gila Engraving

I designed these hooks from the ground up with some very simple (but challenging) goals in mind. Create a tool that is beautiful to the eyes, feels wonderful in the hand and is crafted in a way to hold up to many years of real use.

Pancho Gila Engraving
A stunning maple burl ready for its tranformation.

I’ve gathered some of the rarest and most beautiful woods from around the world for the handle. Then through a rigorous process each piece of wood is crafted and transformed into a work of art. I individually machine solid brass fittings to complement the wood and add strength to the handle assembly.

The shaft is constructed of hard temper stainless steel with a carbon fiber inner core. It is both incredibly light and strong. The hook end is Grade 5 titanium alloy for strength and ridiculous lightness. Because of the extreme lightness on the front end, the assembled Artisan Hook just feels right in the hand.

Whether you're looking for a perfect gift for your herp-loving friend or a little splurge for yourself, the Artisan Hook is built to be treasured for a lifetime.


  • length: 24" (61 cm.)
  • weight: approximately 4 oz. (114 gm.)
  • recommended use: small to medium-sized reptiles

Photo Color Accuracy

Gila monster photo color correction

Each animal sale photo has been color calibrated to a standard to accurately represent the color of each animal. Consumer computer monitors aren't consistently good at accurately displaying colors. The color on your monitor may not be accurate, but each image is individually calibrated to be accurate.

Gila Monster Color

All Gila monsters change color as they mature. Babies are yellow or cream on black. As they mature the light color will develop colors ranging from orange to pink. It's not possible to predict the adult color based on the color of the baby. The color of the parents will give some indication of what color to expect as the baby matures, but there can be significant variation in the mature color even in a single clutch. It usually takes several years for the adult color to fully develop.

Gila Monster Sex

It is not possible to accurately determine the sex of immature Gila monsters from their appearance. Some baby Gila monsters show characteristics of their sex at hatching or as they start to grow. However, this is not a consistently reliable way to determine sex. I may give my impression of sex in the description, but consider this just an educated guess.

As a Gila monster approaches maturity it can be reliably sexed by ultrasound. If the animal for sale is old enough to sex with ultrasound, I'll state the sex for certain and guarantee that it is accurate.

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Rating: 5
Doc's new hooks are sweet. The engineering, function, and feel is perfect but the beauty is unbelievable. The craftsmanship and quality are amazing. The Doctor has a special talent with wood working that I'm very proud to have an example is unbelievable. I've really been surprised how much I use my hook to work with my lizards. It not only makes it 100% easier to wrangle them from the back the cage, it also improves handler safety tremendous and the lizards react to it well. Great work and I plan to get a set of copperhead hooks next for the field. Thanks again Doc
Dennis - 27-Apr-2014
Rating: 5
I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of these and I am in love! More than a hook, more like a peice of art. The handle is something that you just cant help to stare at and its unbelievable its actually wood! Is the only herp related thing my wife allows me to leave out. The material used is is just astonishing, it was like Dr. Seward was creating a hook for space travel. Its lightweight and balances perfect in the hand. Makes the hook like just an extension of my hand. Super strong and super easy to maneuver. You might think, its just a hook hook right, wrong, use it once and hold it in your hand and you will be sold! My biggest problem with the hook is when friends come over to help out with the collection, they are too busy staring at it and not really helping! 2 thumbs up!
vic machese - 28-Mar-2014
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