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US & Mexican Boundary Gila, 1857

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US & Mexican Boundary Survey Gila Print

Boundary Survey Gila Lithograph
This extreme closeup shows the amazing detail in the image..

The original lithograph, published in 1857 is one of the treasures in my personal collection. The image is the very first scientific illustration of a Gila monster. In fact, it was originally (incorrectly) identified as a Mexican beaded lizard, as the Gila monster had not yet been described. The specimen was collected in the summer of 1855 on the US & Mexican Boundary Survey. 

Boundary Survey Gila Lithograph
Here is a framed copy of the print hanging in my library.

The print you are buying is a modern reproduction printed on heavy (350 g/m2) archival quality fine art paper with pigment inks. The paper selection and printing process faithfully reproduces the detail and character of the original lithograph. 

This is a stunning image that would look great in any home or herp room. With the historical importance of this image, anyone with an interest in Gila monsters should have this in their collection.


  • approximate dimensions: 8.25 x 11" (21 x 28 cm)
  • 100% cotton fine art paper with pigment inks
  • print is unframed
  • original lithograph printed in 1857 in Report of the United States and Mexican Boundary Survey, William H. Emory, Reptiles—Plate 26

Photo Color Accuracy

Gila monster photo color correction

Each animal sale photo has been color calibrated to a standard to accurately represent the color of each animal. Consumer computer monitors aren't consistently good at accurately displaying colors. The color on your monitor may not be accurate, but each image is individually calibrated to be accurate.

Gila Monster Color

All Gila monsters change color as they mature. Babies are yellow or cream on black. As they mature the light color will develop colors ranging from orange to pink. It's not possible to predict the adult color based on the color of the baby. The color of the parents will give some indication of what color to expect as the baby matures, but there can be significant variation in the mature color even in a single clutch. It usually takes several years for the adult color to fully develop.

Gila Monster Sex

It is not possible to accurately determine the sex of immature Gila monsters from their appearance. Some baby Gila monsters show characteristics of their sex at hatching or as they start to grow. However, this is not a consistently reliable way to determine sex. I may give my impression of sex in the description, but consider this just an educated guess.

As a Gila monster approaches maturity it can be reliably sexed by ultrasound. If the animal for sale is old enough to sex with ultrasound, I'll state the sex for certain and guarantee that it is accurate.

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Rating: 5
My print is sitting right next to me. I collected a box full of live oak leaves and got this nice Lithograph. I just wish I knew what happened to my friend?
Lonnie Robert Perry Jr. - 26-Jan-2021
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